12 Ways You Can Tell You’ve Been Living Small for Too Long

Living well in a tiny apartment is no easy feat. On top of tiny rooms, cramped kitchens, and virtually no closet space, living in a small home forces you to constantly get creative with your square footage (or more appropriately, lack thereof). But even with all its challenges, when you get some help from Pinterest and a few awesome brands, small-scale living starts to feel pretty, well… normal after a while.

And actually, with renters on the rise and apartments getting smaller by the minute, tiny living really is the norm now. So you’re definitely not alone when you start to notice some of the quirks that your small-space-life has brought to your outlook and attitude. If you’ve been living in a petite pad for a while, you might notice that…

1. Empty wall space feels like a luxury.

Not to mention another storage opportunity.

2. You can’t open a drawer without something falling out.

Your junk drawers are many and they probably take some careful maneuvering to actually shut.

3. You’re amazed to find that some people’s closets have a proper name and a purpose.

That is to say, a “pantry” or “coat closet” versus “this nook in the kitchen where I keep flour (but also extra bed sheets).”

4. You fantasize about finding an undiscovered empty cabinet somewhere.

And dream of walls with built-in shelving units.

5. Your laundry basket is always full.

Because there’s not enough room in your closet for all of your clothes to ever be clean.

(Image credit: http://www.saritarelis.com)

6. All of your furniture doubles as storage hubs.

Including all of your major kitchen appliances, i.e. your oven-slash-shoe-rack and your fridge-turned-makeup-holder.

7. Your wardrobe is always “in season.”

But only because you don’t have room in your closet to hang on to anything that isn’t.

8. You consider “under the bed” and “under the sofa” legitimate storage units.

How else could you possibly explain all the random stuff you have stashed under there?

9. Almost everything you own—from Christmas lights to frying pans—is on display at home.

You’re a maximalist by practice; not choice.

10. You think glass coffee tables are a waste.

No hidden storage? No way!

11. Your “dinner table” moonlights as a desk, mini bar, and kitchen workstation.

Thank you, Ikea!

12. Whether it’s a shoebox or a spaghetti pot, the odds are if it has a lid, it’s storing something inside of it.

If it doesn’t have a purpose, it probably doesn’t get to stay at your place.



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