Renters Solutions: Get the Wallpaper Look Without the Commitment

By now, we all recognize the tremendous strides wallpaper has made since its infamous reign in past decades. Its resurgence has brought forth a new generation of admirers (and skeptics that were burned in the ’80s with wall-to-wall chintz and toile). Companies are pumping out everything from bold modern prints in monochromatic palettes and textured raffias on metallic grasscloths to lively ombres and large-scale florals set on moody backdrops.

Though I hope we can say that we’re all in agreement that wallpaper is the best way to make a dramatic statement on your walls, it’s not always the most practical solution, especially for renters. Who wants to spend money on a design element you can’t take with you (and will probably get penalized for using)? Sure, there are more and more brands popping up who offer really great removable options, but in my opinion, the easiest solution for satiating that wallpaper lust is with decals.

When you hear the word decal, you might be quick to think of cheesy inspirational quotes plastered across your mom’s wall. Is that a fair assumption? Sure, but they also come in some pretty modern patterns, interesting textures and super chic designs. And, the best part is that you are at the helm of the design process for your walls; you get to create exactly what you want. All the rules and precision associated with wallpapers are all of the sudden nonexistent.

We’ll let you be the judge. Check out these offerings of chic wall art:

Feather Decal at Boho Walls, $38

Polka Dots Wall Decal at Happy Decal, $9.90

Watercolor Poppies Wall Decal at Gilt, $55

Honeybee Wall Decal at Trämps + Thieves, $20

Retro Vinyl Wall Decals at Abak Design, $25

Deco Blossom Watercolor Wall Decal at Wayfair, $18.99

Vinyl Wall Stripes at Amazon, $19.99

Pineapple Wall Decals at Kenna Sato Designs, $16.99

Wall Sticker by George Dionysus Ehret at Surface View, $231.19

Flower Vinyl Wall Decals Faux Stickers at Classy Clutter Designs, $10 per set

Plus Signs Mini-Pack Wall Decals at Walls Need Love, $16


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