3 Best Bedroom Makeovers from the One Room Challenge

We’ve talked about the One Room Challenge before, a biannual event hosted by Calling It Home that tasks home design bloggers with transforming one room over the course of six weeks. Last time, we featured some of our favorite bathroom makeovers, but this time around, it’s all about the bedrooms. Gorgeous floral wallpaper, modern updates and DIY nightstands earn these spaces the title One Room Champions.

The Before: Located at the top of a three-story house in London, this bedroom from Emmerson & Fifteenth was filled with some good pieces, but none of them was really given the chance to shine. Lizzie knew she still wanted to keep the room neutral, but her challenge was to give the space more character and establish some stand-out features. De-cluttering the room and then propping it with global-inspired accents gave Lizzie the look she wanted.

The Big Reveal: When the six weeks were up, a lot of the pieces you hardly noticed in the room before became key players in the after image. Two easily-overlooked storage cabinets suddenly receive much more attention when topped with a long live-edge wooden board to create a DIY desk. The beautiful wooden dresser is the same, but when propped with art, plants and a table lamp, it starts to stand out.

The Before: This bedroom had good bones to start, but having just moved in, Nadia from Preciously Me hadn’t had time to decorate or complete any of the projects she had planned for the space. Using the One Room Challenge as motivation to get it done within the six-week time limit, she was able to pull it all together quickly.

The Big Reveal: There’s no denying it, the star feature in this makeover is the lush, flower-strewn wallpaper by Ellie Cashman. Nadia took on the task of installing the paper herself, and within a couple hours, her bedroom was transformed into a magical garden. Paired with gold accents and a fuzzy white rug, this room typifies girly glam.

The Before: Before Cathy from The Grit & Polish redecorated the bedroom in her 104-year-old house, wall-to-wall carpeting and dark drapes revealed the home’s age.

The Big Reveal: After tearing up the carpet, refinishing the floors and opening up the space with light and airy curtains, the entire room feels bright and modern, while details like the wood trim reflect the home’s history. Cathy also made the space her own by adding in some DIY touches, including the nightstands topped with marble from her old home’s kitchen countertops.

Feeling inspired to update your own bedroom? Here are smart ways to create your dream bedroom on a budget.



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