Facebook Live Broadcast


I usually do Facebook Live Broadcasts on Thursdays, but since I’m traveling today, I did my broadcast yesterday instead — direct from my dining table in Oakland. I talked about a ton of good stuff in the video! Here’s a little list:

I’m hosting a big Tuxe Bodywear Giveaway with 3 winners! To enter, just visit the Tuxe website and leave a comment on the FB Live Broadcast with the name of your favorite bodysuit. Three winners will be randomly chosen and announced on that post today (4/27). You have until 4/27 at Noon PST to enter. If you miss this one, no stress, I’ll be hosting a Tuxe giveaway on Instagram too.

I tried Skyn Box — a mailing of Korean skincare samples and shared my favorites.

I showed off a couple of the new Robert Mahar for Knock Knock products. The Paint By Number Postcards are a big hit with both Betty (age 10) and Olive (age 15).

I introduced Tsh Oxenrider’s book (it already hit the bestseller list!), called At Home in the World. I’ll be reading this on my flight to Utah today. (Also, I talk about why I’m flying to Utah today.)

I showed off charming goods — including the t-shirt I’m wearing in the video — from Montague Workshop and talked about their launch.

I gave a tour of my fabulous new bag from Hello Tosha for Coco & Kiwi. Good news: You can get 30% OFF with the code SCATTERSUNSHINE.

I talked about the new documentary on mental health called Going Sane. (I’ll be at the premiere tonight in SLC. You can find more info here.)

And I also mentioned some of the fun stuff that has been going on here on the blog too (like the Mrs. Meyers Freebies and the great conversations we’ve been having about perfume and sleeping kids).

I hope you enjoy the video! Want me to cover a particular topic in my next broadcast? Just let me know in the comments.

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