Here’s What to Buy a Mom Who Says She Doesn’t Want Anything — Mother’s Day

Mom’s are amazing specimens. They give and give and give…and when Mother’s Day comes around and you ask them what they want to show them your appreciation, you’re often met with a vague “Your love is all I really need.” Or, if you’re my mom, “Answer my calls more often and I’m set for the year.” Well, this woman who brought you into the world should still be celebrated, whether she admits to desiring a specific gift or not, so we rounded up a handful of ideas that she’s bound to love, even if she claims she wants nothing more than a hug.

Float Frames at Artifact Uprising, Starting at $65

Above: A photo is worthy a thousand I-love-yous. Alright, so that’s not how the saying goes, but framing a memorable photo of you and your mom/grandmother/mother-in-law is a lovely way to show her that you care. Plus, what mom doesn’t love showing off her kids on her walls? Be sure to order this one by April 27 to get it to your mama on time.

Greetabl is that sweet spot between giving just a card and overspending on flowers. Send your mom a moment of zen with this facial mask (or choose from one of their many small gifts), packaged in a teenie, adorable little box customized with whatever images and message you want.

There wasn’t a problem my mother or grandmother couldn’t solve with a cup of hot tea. Add a dash of style and simplicity to their kitchen with this KitchenAid electric kettle.

This idea is one that you could easily DIY and personalize more deeply, but if you’re not the crafty type, this box set will do just the trick. From Uncommon Goods: “Filled with situation-specific prompts, such as, “Read me when you need to know how much I love you” and “Read me when you miss me”, this sweet collection invites sons and daughters to express their gratitude and recap memories that will make her beam.”

Looking to get mom something extra special this year? This smart frame by Aura works via an app that sifts through the owner’s recently taken smartphone images and display them without lifting a finger. You can even connect your own phone to the one you gift your mom and send her frame images whenever you want.

If you’ve never experienced Jacques Torres chocolate, trust me when I say they are out of this world. And your mom deserves other worldly, doesn’t she? She does.

I love this take on the custom family illustration. Choose from 23 different rain coats to really capture the style of each of your family members. There’s even a spot for the family fur baby!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving (well, for at least three months…or until the products run out). Mom will love sampling luxe beauty products, with the option to purchase full-size versions of anything she loves.

Growing up, myself and each of my siblings planted a tree in the backyard of our childhood home. My brother’s died in about a week, but mine and my sister’s are still thriving. Looking at how tall those trees have grown over decades time is a sweet, nostalgic gift all their own, one that your mom will likely appreciate as well. Oh, and offer to plant it for her…and maybe water it regularly if you live nearby.


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