The Kitchen Cabinet Color I’m Obsessed With

When I become enamored of something, I tend to get very one-track minded, sometimes, without even realizing. This is one of those times. Over the past several weeks, I’ve mindlessly Pinned, bookmarked and regrammed a hefty helping of kitchens with one thing in common: they all sported the same shade of dark teal, and only when I looked back at my Pin boards when on the hunt for a dinner recipe did I notice what I had done. Consider me obsessed.

This rich, luxurious peacock-y hue is that happy place between navy and hunter green, which works great for me, because I often find myself between a rock and a hard place when trying to decide on which hue I prefer.

Alas, here are a handful of kitchens that have be seriously craving dark teal cabinets.

I’m glad no one is making me pick the best element of this kitchen from Design*Sponge (another angle shown at the lead of this post), because between that tile, those sconces, those floors, that French door and the exquisite doorway cutout, I’d be incredibly conflicted. But, for the sake of this article, let’s just say those deep teal cabinets (a custom paint mix by the designer) are nearing the top of my list.

Another glorious kitchen from Design*Sponge, this time in a teal that leans a little more green than blue. When paired with plenty of white (and that amazingly vibrant runner), the dark shade feels bright and airy.

This petite kitchen in Oslo, Norway, (from Bonytt) combats gloomy Nordic winters with happy colored cabinetry. It also is a great example of how you don’t need much space to make a huge impact.

Technically, this kitchen from Better Homes & Gardens is more mossy green than dark teal, but I decided to include it anyway because it makes me happy. Shaker cabinet doors and traditional black-and-white floors makes this room feel utterly timeless.

Oh man, this might be one of my favorite rooms from this whole roundup. By Amber Interiors, I love that this delicious color is paired with matte black hardware, a vintage runner and a polished brass faucet. The rustic floors and open shelving keep everything very grounded.

From La Bici Azul, this Madrid space is proof that dark bottom cabinetry + white uppers + white (subway) backsplash is a kitchen design recipe for incredible success.

This space from design firm Massucco Warner Miller may be dream kitchen status, but I’m sure the elements would look just as lovely (if not maybe even more surprising) in a much more humble, everyday kitchen.

A scallop texture on upper cabinetry break up the heavy color story of this amazing kitchen from Metro Mode. Plus, that brass kick plate is #kitchengoals.

This kitchen from The Style Files inspires me to rip off most of my cabinet doors and just paint the cabinet trim and interior a jaw-dropping shade of deep teal.

From Tracy Do Real Estate’s Instagram, another one I saved for my “one day I’ll have a kitchen of my own I can totally gut and re do” file.


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