12 Beautiful Tools to Tend Mother Nature

Is gardening on anyone else’s mind? The weather is supposed to be amazing next week and all I want to do is work in the yard. I feel like I talk about this too much, but there’s almost nothing that inspires me more than using beautiful, well-designed products and tools, and gardening is no exception. So I’ve been scouting out gorgeousness from one of the best gardening sources, Anthropologie’s Garden line called Terrain. Do you know it?

Their current offerings seem especially strong. Digging. Every. Page. There are over 100 lovely gardening tools here, from all around the world, in shapes that free fresh and unusual. Oh and the pretty pretty gardening gear — look here.

There are 12 extra special items that caught my eye (two from William Sonoma):

Copper Watering Can  –  Brass Watering Lance  –  Yellow Oval Watering Can

Ilse Jacobsen  –  Hunter Tall Floral (Ahhh!) –  Hunter Clogs

Clarington Forge Hand Tool Set  –  Japanese Carbon Steel Shears  –  Sophie Potting Scoop (the very best shape!)

Long Floral Gloves  –  Plant Mister  –  Copper Long Handle Spade

If you are an avid gardner or your mother is (because that one holiday is approaching), definitely take some time to peruse! Any of these would make an excellent gift.

P.S. — I also found these charming Gnome Garden Kits &  Unicorn Garden Kits for my kiddos to nurture their own love of gardening. I’m sure they would love to see this all abloom (and so would I).


Credits: Shopping and design assistance by Audrey Moore.

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