A Few Things

Hello, Friends. It’s Friday! How are you? I’m writing to you from Utah — I know it’s late April, but we woke up to fresh snow this morning. As you can imagine, my California kids were over the moon about it, but I’m sure the locals are rolling their eyes. : )

We’re here for my niece’s wedding, which is tomorrow, and today we get to go to her college graduation — she was asked to speak, which is a big deal, and we’re all bragging about her. Graduating on Friday and getting married on Saturday? That’s an epic weekend!

Then, on Saturday night, we have tickets to see Betty Blue Eyes, directed by our friend Chris Clark, at the Hale Center Theater.

How about you? What are your weekend plans? I’m off to enjoy our day of cousins and family, but before I go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

– I’m fascinated by studies of epigenetic genes  — the theory is that our environment can affect our genes and those gene changes can get passed down to younger generations. In one study, scientists observed epigenetic memories being passed down for 14 generations. Amazing.

– Hah! Commuter Barbie

– Swimming pools made from shipping containers.

– My social feeds are full of mentions of the Pope’s TED talk. Have you watched it yet? It’s on my list for this weekend.

– Another Pope Francis news article — he’s paying the rent on a private beach for the disabled.

– Wow. An artificial womb that has been growing baby lambs.

– What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done when your brain was on autopilot?

– It’s time to start telling our friends how much money we make. Thoughts?

– A Blog About Love just relaunched with a new name and url — and they’re offering a free program where you can Learn How to Align With Love, No Matter Your Circumstances. (Congrats Mara and Danny!)

– Fall in love with Norma Kamali.

– Talking to your child after you yell.

– R. Eric Thomas continues to be one of my favorite columnists. Here he discusses some drama between Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick.

I hope you have a happy weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


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