13 Dining Tables for Teeny Tiny Spaces — Annual Guide 2017

When it comes to furnishing a small space, often the dining room gets short shrift. It is, after all, quite possible to eat dinner while sitting on the couch. But there’s also something very grown-up and very pleasing about sitting down to a meal at an actual dining table, whether by yourself of with friends. If you’re living in a little space and need a little table to match, look no further than this list of 12 tables which are no bigger than 36″.

This petite table measures just 23.6″ on a side. It can be used outside as well, and the price is hard to beat.

The BJURSTA table isn’t just tiny—it’s also very adaptable. The tabletop, which when closed measures only 19 5/8″ by 35 3/8″, expands to 35 3/8″ square when you pull out the leaf.

A simple, budget-friendly style that will coordinate with pretty much any decor. At 29 1/8″ square, this table can seat two people.

The contrasting tabletop gives this 35.5” diameter round table a bit of flair.

This metal cafe 32″ square table can seat up to four people.

A nicely contrasting mid-century style that, at 30.5″ in diameter, is perfect for even the smallest of dining rooms.

At 30″ in diameter, this simple but elegant two-seater is perfect for a small space.

This little table is 27.5″ in diameter. It could be used outdoors on a tiny patio or balcony, but would be equally nice in a small dining room.

This lacquer-top table is 30″ in diameter and provides an elegant look for a very reasonable price.

The unique design and glass top make this 35.5″ round table a standout.

A great square dining table for small spaces, with an industrial-modern look. The table measures 31.5″ square and can easily be lined up with the wall to save even more space.

World Market’s take on the classic tulip table has a wooden top and, at 35.5″, is great for small spaces. It can sit up to four people (provided those people don’t mind being a little cozy).

The marble top gives this little table (34″ diameter) an extra touch of class.



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