A Stunning Studio Loft in Hollywood That Does Everything Right — Why It Works

Welcome to the maiden voyage of a new column we’re launching called Why It Works. Here at Apartment Therapy, we publish hundreds upon hundreds of amazing, lived in, real-life homes every year. And though they all are special in their own right, every now and then there comes along a super smart room within one of those homes. In Why It Works, we’re celebrating that notion, and breaking down all the elements that have come together to create a truly spectacular space. First up, Kristy Degina‘s bright and happy Hollywood loft.

Since this was published on AT back in October, I’ve admired Kristy’s clever use of space. She has managed to fit quite a bit of function (and a whole heap of style) into 550 square feet. Once I look past the lust-worthy windows (because this room could be empty and still amazing with windows like that), Kristy was smart to tackle her seating area the way she did. Two small side tables come together to simulate a coffee table (but they can be moved around much more easily as needed). Orienting the seating in the way that she did creates a separate sitting area, one in which the bed all but disappears.

She was also clever to use curtains to cover her closet (and crisp white bookshelves for her shoes), which continues to line of draperies from the windows. You could barely tell it’s a closet, and not just another window or sliding glass door.

Keeping her window treatments the same color as her wall avoids breaking up a small space, and since said window is off center, it also prevents the eye from haphazardly moving around, keeping the headboard the focus of the area.

It’s great to see a small space step out boldly with a color like this (Sherwin-Williams’ Cyberspace). One might think it would make the whole room appear tighter, but in fact, it amps up the style quotient when used on just one wall. She was smart to paint the fireplace surround in the same slate blue to diminish how much visual space it takes up.

Staggered side tables come together to create a resting place for Kristy’s plants, and act as her nightstands. The brass beveled piece catches the light from the windows nicely.

And, because no great space could be complete without a warm, furry friend or two, here are these guys as the chihuahua-shaped cherry on top of a beautiful room.



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