Nailed It! You’re About To Buy The Perfect Graduation Gift

Our daughter, Maude, graduates from high school this year. We just ordered the graduation robes, we’re looking at graduation announcements, and she’s committed to a college for the fall (she’s headed to Berkeley!). It’s definitely time to celebrate. We’re thinking about a gift for Maude, but not just Maude, we’re thinking about gifts for her friends as well. When your child graduates, you can bet they have a few friends who are graduating too. So how do I pick the perfect gift for all these awesome seniors? It’s all about the timing.

Or, more like, it’s all about the time frame. I like to picture the graduate I’m buying for, and then think of their next few months and what I know about their plans. Then, I focus on one of 3 time frames: 1) Gifts They Can Use Right Now, 2) Gifts They Can Use On A Summer Adventure, and 3) Gifts They Can Use In The Dorms. It’s a simple way to make sure you’re giving something they’ll really be able to put to use. Working with Shutterfly, I chose a few personalized ideas for each category to get you going. 

Gifts They Can Use Right Now

For this category, a go-to gift is tech accessories.  Think: custom phone covercustom on-the-go charger, and a cute custom canvas pouch to carry them all in — with room for headphones too!

I happen to know Maude favors a Kate Spade look for her tech. So I thought it would be fun to create a coordinating set using simple graphic patterns from Shutterfly’s image library (yes, with Shutterfly’s easy customization, you can upload one of your own photos, or choose from a vast library of awesome images and patterns). I chose 3 different black and white patterns, and topped each with bold colorful text.

The striped canvas pouch has custom embroidery — a heart and the word text in bright yellow. For the phone cover we customized it with the word “Phony” in a bright blue. (Hah! Cute, right?)  And on the phone charger, we added the words “Power Up.” Pro-tip: If you don’t know what phone your graduate carries, choosing the right cover is hard, but a portable charger works with any phone! 


Gifts They Can Use On A Summer Adventure

Every high-school senior I know (my daughter included) has two items on their summer calendar: get a job, and hit the road. Whether it’s for a weekend or the whole summer long, they’re ready for adventure. The AP tests are done. The SATs are done. It’s time to vacation!

So for this category, I personalized an adorable canvas tote bag, and created an equally adorable and coordinating canvas pouch — both customized with her first initial. The boxy tote is the perfect size for stowing under the seat on a flight, and I love that it snaps closed in either direction.

The canvas pouch is non-stop useable. She can fill it with toiletries, with tech accessories (as modeled above), with a passport and paperwork, or with the random stuff that gets lost at the bottom of a bag — mints, lip balm, keys, nail file, etc..


Gifts They Can Use In The Dorms (Or Their College Apartment)

For this category, I instantly thought of bedding. There are lots of things they might need in their dorm, but for sure they’ll need sheets, a blanket or duvet, and a pillows. And you can get any of those things customized at Shutterfly.

For Maude, I chose a personalized duvet cover and a personalized throw pillow too. The duvet cover has a gorgeous colorful design I picked out from the Shutterfly image library. And I added a small line of personalized text: If you’re tired, take a nap. It’s a quote from an episode of Project Runway that became a family joke and we know it will make her laugh.

For the throw pillow, we customized it with an image of a typewriter, because a) Maude loves old typewriters and owns one herself, and b) Maude is considering a career as a writer. On the back we personalized the pillow with the words “QWERTY Master” — but of course, you could choose any words you like.

Can I tell you, we had so much fun picking out these gifts and using the easy customization options to come up with sweet and silly ways to personalize them? All of her siblings had opinions and good ideas and it was totally a group effort. Hopefully, these gifts will make Maude feel loved and celebrated in every way.

How about you? Do you have any high school or college seniors in your life this year? And what sort of gifts do you like to give at graduation?


This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Celebrate the grads in your life with a thoughtful and customizable gift made with Shutterfly.

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