Alice, My Husband’s Pee Gets on the Walls — Ask Alice: Advice for Life at Home

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The bathroom I share with my husband smells constantly like old urine. He says that it’s because he’s tall, and his pee therefore hits the water in the bowl with enough velocity that some must splash out and escape his notice (especially during middle-of-the-night bathroom trips). Have other people encountered and solved this problem? It is driving me crazy.

I know a woman who taught her two sons, currently ages five and seven, that the final step of going to the bathroom is wiping down the entire toilet and its surrounding area, which they now do each time they go (at least at home — I didn’t ask if this extended to other people’s houses). This might not be relevant, but — this still blows me away.

If I knew that some of my physical waste was getting onto a surface that I shared with a loved one, and especially if it was offending at least one of their senses (and I expected them to continue wanting to share a bed with me), I’d like to believe that I’d clean it up and make sure it didn’t happen again. It seems like common decency — especially if your husband has already acknowledged that it’s him. (Which seems to me like it should have been the final step in this problem.)

But: If there’s no way for him to reduce the space between him and the water (has he considered sitting down instead?), one potential solution would be to keep some sort of designated mini-mop, or similar (wipes, rags), near the toilet for easier area-wiping purposes — for him to undertake. It wouldn’t have to be done in the middle of the night, or even after every pee, but maybe once a day — say, before he leaves for work in the morning or when he’s getting ready for bed.

I have to admit, I can’t stop thinking about this problem, and I worry this answer is insufficient.

Readers, have you experienced something like this?

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  • I am a guy and there is a bit of pride of not wanting to sit down to pee. We want to be quick in and out. But until I started cleaning the bathroom instead did I realize that the dirtiest part was from my urine and if I did sit down that would resolve 50% of the filth. And so it began. Pride of being a man or intelligence of being a man who knows sitting down is easier in the end. Refuse to clean that section and have him clean it. Simply say I dont want to ask you to sit down to pee, but I also dont want to clean up your pee anymore so could you please clean the toilet area from now on. Maybe that will work for you,


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