Dane Attraction: Ideas to Borrow From Copenhagen’s Most Stylish Spaces

Once upon a time, we took you on a tour of the most stylish restaurants in Paris, and today we’re headed to Copenhagen, a European capital with a little less hype than Paris, but no less style. Even if you’re not able to make the trip to Denmark anytime soon, you can still admire these stylish spaces from afar — and maybe even come away with a few ideas for your own home.

This beautiful spot is a Copenhagen restaurant called The Standard, spotted on Yellowtrace. The palette of cool grays, muted blues, and blacks, accented with a bit of metallics, a touch of wood, and a lot of plants, has a richness and depth that would look equally as lovely in a living room as in an upscale restaurant.

The Copenhagen restaurant Väkst, spotted on Wallpaper, resembles an indoor garden—there’s even a greenhouse above the stairs. It’s a great place for Danes to enjoy a little greenery during the cold winter months, and a great reminder that when it comes to interiors, you can really never have enough plants.

As a bit of a departure from all the naturals and neutrals, there’s Danish microbrewery Mikkeller & Friends, spotted on We Heart. The pale blue and blonde wood color scheme is calming and even cheerful—a far cry from your typical pub atmosphere, and a charming place to throw back a brew.

This is Restaurant Radio, spotted on Yellowtrace and Est Magazine. I love how the wood walls bring a bit of a twist to the black-and-white color scheme, adding a bit of a rustic feel to a space that might otherwise seem very stark. The plating of the food echoes the restaurant’s minimalist aspect.

Copenhagen’s Italy restaurant, designed by Norm Architects, (and spotted on Est Living and The Style Files) is designed to have “an atmosphere that is Italian, but that’s seen from a Scandinavian mindset.” The result is a beautiful mix of old-world cafe style and Scandinavian minimalism, modern chairs and booths paired with mosaic floor tile and marble coffee tables. This mixing of worlds seems very fresh, and somehow greater than the sum of its parts.



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