Do You Remember Your Childhood Family Couch? (and a $1000 Couch Credit Giveaway from Interior Define)

This post is sponsored by Interior Define.

I swear I remember my nursery. I doubt I really remember it, but I’ve been told enough stories about it–that it had yellow carpet, that it was a tiny wallpapered room, that my dad would sometimes sleep on the floor while I napped–that in my mind, I can visualize exactly what it looked like. As we moved from city to city and house to house, my memories of our houses and rooms become a little clearer, but it’s the things that filled it that I remember most–the pictures on the wall, the treasures my grandparents passed on from their mission trips, the afghans and quilts that warmed up all the corners, and the furniture. I never forget a couch. The happiest of my childhood memories were accompanied by Old Rusty, the brick-colored velvet couch where I slept on my dad’s chest as a newborn and years later curled up on Saturday mornings to watch Shirt Tales and Get Along Gang. Old Rusty’s chair partner was Professor Plum, a stately Queen Anne’s chair covered in a bold floral pattern with browns and golds and a hint of blue. Professor Plum made it all the way through my college years, taking up a reading corner in my room at my dad’s house. Then there was Plaid Patsy, the blue plaid country couch in my mom’s living room, surrounded by wall art of wooden hearts, old photographs and twin taper candles–connected at the wicks–dangling from carved oak shelves with pegs.

 photo interior define 3_zps3z1alzui.jpg

Thank God we’ve moved on in furniture design. Although I’d take Old Rusty back. He was timeless.

When I moved to Florida and started real life on my own, I bought a condo. My first priority in furnishing it was finding a couch with character–not so much blue plaid country cabin character but more “Look at me! I’m on my own! I’m a working woman!” I wanted a red couch. I envisioned cool city loft kind of red couch, but there weren’t that many choices, so I ended up with brownish-reddish-biggish grandma’s house kind of red couch. But still. It was new, and it was red.

Fast forward 13 years later. THERE ARE SO MANY CHOICES! I just discovered Interior Define which is changing the way people shop for furniture, beginning with sofas and sectionals. They offer customized furniture at an exceptional price point (generally 30-40% less than comparable retailers) by maintaining an online presence that cuts out all the retail markups, and following a made-to-order service model. What does that mean for you? You get to choose everything–size, configuration, material, cushion fill and legs on almost every design they offer. Most pieces are available in 40-60 fabric options  with complimentary swatches available.

 photo print 79_zpsjoqalrwr.jpg


 photo interior define 2_zpsshwnjbah.jpg

I’ve curated a list of my favorite Interior Define products (feeling yellows, blues and grays, I guess) here.

 photo interior define_zpskmfogzbs.jpg

If you’re in the market for furniture, Interior Define is offering $100 off any order over $1000 with code ETST100 upon checkout. (Discount ends 8/31/17)

And…they’re giving away a $1000 online credit to Interior Define for one lucky reader to shop for the couch or chair of their choice (I mean, that blue velvet one!).

How to enter:
1) Visit Interior Define here.
2) Join their e-mail list.
3) Pick your favorite Interior Define product.
4) Comment back on this post with the link to the piece you’d buy with the credit if you won!

Giveaway is open to continental US readers only, entrants must register their e-mail address, and credit must be used toward a chair or couch purchase. Giveaway will be closed on 5/11 and winner will be randomly selected from the comment section, e-mailed by I Heart Organizing, and announced on I Heart Organizing’s site. Credit must be used in a single purchase and by 8/31/17. Any returns will be refunded store credit minus any applicable restocking fee. Good luck!

Also, do you name your furniture? I feel like couches are practically members of the family. They need names. “Kids, let’s go sit on Larry and read a book.”

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