Monday on Marketplace: A Bookcase for Every Budget — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

My apartment defies basic New York City cliches by having a “regular”-sized bedroom and a huge kitchen. But as someone who doesn’t cook very often, I’ve repurposed a whole section of open shelving into a makeshift bookshelf over my breakfast table. That’s because despite not making it into your general idea of apartment must-haves (like a sofa and bed), I think that you should try to work a bookshelf (or bookcase) into your home anyway you can.

There’s something welcoming about seeing an organized collection of books and curios, like giving your guests a personal look into what interests you. And for bibliophiles like myself, it’s essential for storing and displaying a collection that you’re proud of. Short on floor space? Get something tall and narrow. No floor space? Think wall-mounted. Not into standard designs? Go vintage and unexpected! Whatever your preferred style or living situation, let’s start the week off with some of my favorite bookcase deals on Apartment Therapy Marketplace.


No two book collections are alike, and the under $300 crowd has some stylish and affordable solutions to customize your space. And yes, saving on your storage unit means there’s extra money to buy more books, obviously.


The best part about this group is the big savings you’ll get on designer pieces: the first bookshelf from Article is $500 off the original price, and the industrial-style Anthropology unit lets you keep an extra $298 in your pocket. I’m also loving that all of these pieces can double as smart storage for other things in your home.


And finally, we have the big spenders. The fiberglass book tree doubles as a stunning art installation, and the glass case would fit right in as your next coffee table. But any piece is the right choice if it’s helping you stay more organized (and keep reading material close at hand).


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