The Next Trend in Sofas is a Game Changer on Netflix Nights

You’re probably familiar with L-shaped sectionals—they’re kind of a living room staple. Unlike traditional roll arms, settees and other formal sofa situations, more than one person can lay on them in a fully horizontal position, thanks to their shape and oversized proportions. That’s kind of a game changer when you think of all the Netflix binge watching and movie marathoning that goes on nowadays. Plus, you can pile on the pillows and still fit a bunch of people comfortably. But wait, it gets better.

But have you considered really upping your sofa game with a U-shaped sofa or sectional? With a U configuration, basically all the perks of an L-shaped design are now double: two areas for stretching out, with a cushy connector sofa piece sandwiched in between them. Did I mention this exaggerated semicircular set up is great for conversation? Symmetry definitely has its advantages.

Of course, you need a lot of space for one of these massive, sculptural pieces. And you’ll probably want to make sure the extra side doesn’t awkwardly cut off part of your room or jut out into any doorways. But if you’re looking for comfort and want to go big, a U-shaped sofa is probably your best bet. Let’s learn a thing or two from these examples:

Above: Well, I’m all for kicking back in this den seen on Architectural Digest by Christina Murphy. Those two double-wide chaises are pretty much the size of twin beds. With a set up like that, prepare for people to want to just crash at your place all day, everyday.

Solid u-shape sofa game, Chris Loves Julia. I love that the connecting sofa piece has just one cushion, so you won’t fall into the cracks mid-movie. And those arms are the perfect size for perching a laptop or drink, just not at the same time.

You had me at beach house, designer Jenny Wolf. But your Lee Industries U-shaped sectional really seals the deal. My guess is she had it made in a durable, indoor/outdoor fabric that can stand up to wet bathing suits and sandy feet. Via Lonny

Nice to see that these big sofas can still handle a pattern, if that’s up your alley. The work of Cullman & Kravis here is making me continue to rethink red.

Does it count if the “U” is curved? I think so, especially if the sofa is this pretty. Not everything has to have clean lines and sharp angles as made evident in this room from Elle Decor.

I mean, holy tufted (!), silk velvet (!!), Schumacher (!!!) U-shaped sofa! as you do in your library. Guess your sofa can fit your room like a glove if the whole thing is a striking shade of peacock. Well done, Jeannette Whitson, well done. This library from House Beautiful deserves a round of applause.

The U-shaped sofa that designer Liz Caan installed here looks cushy and big enough to fit a small army, which is exactly what you want for a playroom.

Convinced it’s time to convert to a “U”? Here are a few picks to kick off your search.


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