We’re Blushing: This TV Show’s Apartment Was (Partially) Inspired by Apartment Therapy

“I’m sure that some of the things that have popped up in Dev’s apartment were ideas that I’ve seen on Apartment Therapy,” divulged Amy Williams, the Emmy-award winning set and production designer for Master of None. The Netflix series created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang impressed me when its first season premiered last year — and the main character’s stylish apartment caught my eye — so I wanted to learn more about the process behind the designing of this show’s aesthetic.

The 10 episodes of season one were filled with smart jokes, witty cultural references and had a visual aesthetic somewhere between moody ’70s film meets your always-stylish friend’s hip Brooklyn abode. And good news: Master of None returns May 12th (today!) with season two.

Details from Dev’s apartment. We’ll show more photos from the set of Master of None next week!

(Image credit: Provided by Netflix)

“You see the broke 20-something New York apartments, but you don’t really see the home of the 30-something that actually has a job, has some money, has friends of all shapes and sizes. We wanted to show our lives,” described Amy over the phone, when I mentioned how beautiful and stylish I think the show looks.

I will be enjoying my first binge-watching session of the show’s second season tonight as a regular, casual viewer. But then I plan on diving in a second time (possibly third? I’m single and weekends are long) to soak up all the stylish design details the second season’s sets have to offer.

A still from the set of Dev’s apartment. But also a photo that represents how I will be all weekend: Sitting on a couch binge-watching Master of None.

(Image credit: Provided by Netflix)

Whether you’ll be binge watching along with me this weekend or not, you’ll want to check back to Apartment Therapy next week, when we’ll be sharing more “house tour” photos of Dev’s apartment. Also, Amy will finally answer the question of where Dev lives and how he affords his eclectic curated one-bedroom apartment.

And perhaps most importantly, Amy will reveal some of the inside jokes and hidden references that can be spotted in Dev’s apartment decor, like why they keep a “realistic looking (fake) stuffed cat” in his bathroom toilet.

Curious if the creators behind Master of None — Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang — have stylish homes themselves? You can check out this house tour we did of Alan’s Hollywood Hills home all the way back in 2003!

More Netflix info for a binge-watching weekend:



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