Furniture Classics for Modern Homes: The Comeback of Caned Furniture

Today in old things that are new again: caned furniture, which has been around for a long time but suddenly feels very fresh. This isn’t the first time in design history that cane furniture has been recognized as a particularly good fit for modern interiors—designers like Pierre Jeanneret and Harvey Probber did lovely work with cane in the middle of the 20th century. But now there’s a whole new crop of modern pieces incorporating cane, which turns out to be perfect for the particular design moment we’re in—textured, clean, and lightweight all at the same time.

Above: A pair of intricate cane armchairs in a living room with a particularly arresting view, spotted on Archilovers.

In this Parisian apartment by Sarah Lavoine, a caned settee adds a touch of lightness and a welcome bit of texture to a modern living room.

This Nigel Coates’ Bodystuhl, a newer design for Thonet, the original manufacturer of the famous bentwood cafe chair. It’s seen here in La Forêt Noire, a stylish French restaurant designed by Claude Carter.

This dining room, spotted on SF Girl by Bay, is a perfect exemplar of a style I like to call New Bohemian. Central to its success are the caned bentwood chairs, which sit lightly in the room but also add a certain warmth to the space.

Gebrüder Thonet just introduced the Targa sofa and chair, which somehow manage to make the sofa, typically heavy and a bit cumbersome, into a piece that sits so elegantly it almost appears to float.

This chair, seen in an interior from Coco Lapine Design, is a Pierre Jeanneret design whose cane seat and back provide a lovely, light counterpart to its chunky structure.

Here’s a pair of the Pierre Jeanneret chairs, seen in an apartment spotted on My Unfinished Home. This chair demonstrates cane’s ability to feel storied and modern all at the same time. Its intricate texture may seem a bit old-fashioned, but its textured warmth and visual lightness are very right for our current design moment.

And finally, a classic bentwood bench in an interior from Style at Home.

Interested in bringing this look home? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite caned furniture pieces for all budgets over here!


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