Power Tools & You: How To Mindfully Master Your New Power Drill — Video from Apartment Therapy

For the uninitiated, power tools can be massively intimidating, especially if you’re someone who tends to fall on the anxious side of things. But never fear! We’re here to help you tap into your inner-power-tool-using-strength. Let’s begin.

Thank yourself for showing up. Thank yourself for trying something new. Deep breath. Let’s begin.

Your Drill and You

  • Congratulations. You’re here. Perhaps you’ve borrowed a drill. Perhaps you’ve had one and never used it. Perhaps you’re about to buy one. Either way, you’ve taken your first step towards drill success.
  • Now that you’ve done your research and chosen the drill that is right for you and your needs. Read the instruction manual slowly and carefully. Get to know the parts of your drill.
  • Before beginning your project, make sure that your drill is fully charged.
  • Make sure you aren’t wearing anything that could get caught in the drill or interfere with your grip. Rings are off, hair is tied back, clothing is close to the body.

Your Drill and You and a Wall

  • Consult your local hardware store or friendly google to figure out what drill bits and anchors are right for you. Each project is different and you’ll want to give it the attention it deserves. But for now, let’s assume you’re setting up a wall shelf.
  • Take a pencil to mark the spots where you intend to drill your pilot holes.
  • Put your drill bit into the chuck of the drill. Run the drill, if the bit stays straight you know it is secure.
  • Drill your pilot hole, holding onto the drill with both hands, and gently tap your anchor into the wall.
  • Screw your brackets into the anchor or hole per your shelf’s instructions.

Now that all fear has been washed away as gently as a single grain of sand on the ocean shore, you should feel fully empowered to explore buying and maintaining your new drill.

You probably already know this, but this is just a guide. Please consult your individual instruction manual for specific instructions. Apartment Therapy is not responsible for any injuries that may occur, not that you’ll have any — believe in yourself.



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