Hallways are the Perfect Daring Design Opportunity: 9 Eye-Popping Ideas

A hallway is primary a functional space—a convenient way to get from one room to another, not a place to linger. But that doesn’t mean your hallway can’t be incredibly stylish. In fact, since hallways are usually on the small side, they’re a great place to experiment with bold design ideas. So go ahead and paint your hallway that crazy color, or cover it in that bold wallpaper you’ve been eyeing. Here’s a little inspiration.

Above: The hallway of this French family home, spotted on The Socialite Family, pairs Cole & Sons’ distinctive Woods wallpaper with wainscot and doors painted an inky black, for a moody, imaginative effect.

Dark walls and startlingly yellow doors make this hallway from Fastighetsbryan an unforgettable experience.

From Marie Claire Maison, here’s another hallway with a bold wallpaper. These Fornasetti wallpapers tend to be a bit polarizing—you either love them or you hate them—but if you’re in the love camp, you might get a particular thrill from seeing those solemn eyes framed by a doorway.

This hallway from Marie Claire Maison rocks a colorful runner and a color-on-color paint scheme, with a rich teal on the doors and wainscot and a lighter version of the same color above the chair rail.

This hallway from My Scandinavian Home is painted entirely black, down to the doors and trim and even the ceiling. It’s definitely dramatic, and has the additional effect, by visually shrinking the hallway, of making all the adjoining rooms seem brighter and lighter by comparison.

The intense pattern and intense color of this hallway from Mi Casa give it an almost funhouse feel—but in a good way.

A boldly patterned hallway adds a welcome bit of pattern to a very minimal Scandinavian apartment from Planete Deco. If you’re drawn to bold patterns but don’t want to do anything too crazy, a black-and-white print is a great choice.

This hallway from My Domaine, with its palm-printed wallpaper and crisp green trim, is like a little getaway in the middle of the house.

Rich colors and a beautifully patterned wallpaper make this hallway from Double G via Turbulences Deco into a little jewel box. The turquoise of the doors and the dark navy of the trim both pick up on colors found in the wallpaper pattern, and the dramatic round lights add a little touch of shine. Walking from one side of the house to another never looked so good.



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