FRAKTA Air Jordans Exist & You Can Own Them for $1500

The FRAKTA mashups keep coming. We were just alerted to the latest way you can wear IKEA’s iconic bag, and that’s on your feet. The Shoe Surgeon has taken the 99 cent tote and turned them into another icon, Air Jordans.

Known for custom kicks made out of unconventional materials, it really was only a matter of time before Los Angeles-based Shoe Surgeon weighed in on the FRAKTA craze. The Air Jordan 1s are made from blue suede, yellow python and the blue polypropylene. They’re available as part of a bundle with a bomber jacket, designed by clothing brand Elliot Evan, made from repurposed FRAKTAs.

In case you missed it, this latest “FRAKTA as a fashion statement” frenzy started with Balenciaga’s “knockoff” tote in an IKEA blue leather (which retails at the very un-IKEA price of $2,145). Then, IKEA responded with six ways to know you have an original FRAKTA.

A limited edition baseball hat was made and sold out within hours, and there are now all sorts of IKEA wear floating about the internet, some crazy, some cool, some both. Here are a few of the weird and the wonderful DIYs people have created from this humble workhorse of a bag:

Another pair of shoes (these aren’t available to purchase though).

A face mask, because why not.

A smaller bag for everyday essentials.

This hoodie looks like the most comfortable of the bunch.

…And this thong would definitely be the least.

Snag the limited edition bundle at The Shoe Surgeon.

h/t Sole Collector


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