Sleep Tight: A Tiny 345-Square-Foot Paris Studio With a Genius Bedroom Solution

One of the chief difficulties of small-space living is figuring out where to put all your stuff. And one of the chief difficulties of studio living is, how do you set up the bed so that you don’t feel like you’re sleeping in the middle of the living room? This 345-square-foot Paris studio has a very clever, and very elegant, solution to both of those problems.

The solution, from the architects at Batiik Studio, is simple: a single form that incorporates both sleeping and storage space. A few steps lead up to the bed, which can be closed off for privacy with a sliding panel. Cabinets beneath the stairs provide storage, and there’s a full-height closet to the right of the bed, with enough storage to make this small space dweller very jealous. (The door on the far right of the photo leads to the unit’s bathroom.)

In bed, you’re surrounded by warm wood paneling, and a built-in ledge serves as a nightstand. (The tucked-away nature of the bed, while cozy, would admittedly make making the bed a bit of a challenge.)

In the studio’s renovation, the designers have really played up the contrast between old and new, leaving in place the worn plaster walls and offsetting them with the sleek form of the sleeping cube and adjoining kitchen cabinetry. Although all-white color schemes are a common solution for smaller spaces, here the designers have embraced a darker, more textured look, allowing the black cube form and the warm wood of the chevron floors to play against the lighter colors of the walls. So the apartment is stylish as well as functional: a really nice blend of old and new, light and dark, beauty and practicality.

To see more of this project, visit the architect’s website. And to see a similar solution in a Brooklyn apartment, check out this house tour.

via iDesignArch


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