Error’d: The Developer Test

"Apparently, if AMEX’s site knows that you’re a developer, it will present a REGEX challenge before allowing you to reset your password," Jim wrote.


Stuart writes, "Wait, I have a network drive!? Cool! I wonder how much space is available? Oh…"


"To you and me, $0.00375 isn’t much, but to Western Digital, collecting the exact amount due is a pretty big deal," writes Jonathan.


"The page can say whatever it wants, but, well, here I am anyway," wrote Mark


Andy J. writes, "I don’t know what I have just agreed to but at least the paper is now listed as one of my own publications."


"Um, excuse me, but it’s not a ‘hashtag’," Steve B. wrote, "It’s an octothorpe! Or a number sign, or a pig pen…"


[Advertisement] Release!
is a light card game about software and the people who make it. Play with 2-5 people, or up to 10 with two copies – only $9.95 shipped!


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