Looking for Love? Here are the Best Cities for Singles to Rent In

There are tons of reasons you might choose to move to another city—maybe you just got a new job offer, maybe you want to be closer to family, maybe you’ve visited before and feel more at home there, or maybe you just need a totally new change of pace. But what about love? Sure, you might move if you’re already in a relationship and your partner lives far away or has to move for one reason or another, but what about looking for romance in the first place?

If you’re single and ready to mingle but your current dating scene isn’t doing it for you (and you’re already considering leaving town, because let’s face it, moving away from a place you really love just to meet new people might leave you feeling remorse), good news: new data from Apartment List has found the top 10 cities for dating.

So, what’s the number one city for dating in America? The answer may surprise you—that is, it’s not New York, if that’s what you were expecting, but rather, Raleigh, North Carolina.

To find the top cities for singles, Apartment List surveyed 13,000 renters, asking them how satisfied they were with their city in terms of opportunities for dating and making new friends. Of renters in Raleigh, 66.7 percent were satisfied with the dating scene in their city.

Coming in at a close second was San Antonio, TX, with 62.5 percent of satisfied renters. Other cities to top the list: Boston (with 58.7 percent of renters feeling satisfied), Charlotte, NC (58.1 percent), and Washington, D.C. (56 percent). Austin and Houston, TX both made the list as well.

North Carolina and Texas may have beat out New York for the top spots, but with 49.5 percent of renters satisfied with the dating opportunities in New York, it did still make the list—the Big Apple came in at No. 10.

Some other interesting information to note: men were overall more likely to be satisfied with the dating scene in their cities—particularly in California and Florida, while women were less satisfied overall, and happier in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, according to the study.

H/T: CT Post



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