Are ’80s Kitchens Making a Comeback?

Fashion evolves faster than decor, which is why home decor Pinterest is still filled with people working out their mid-century and industrial obsessions while fashion Pinterest is almost already to the early ’00s in terms of style. Yet the former might be catching up. The ’80s influence is starting to appear in kitchen design in a few distinctive ways. It may not be as over-the-top as this fabulous vintage kitchen, but we’re definitely seeing glimpses of the trend.

First, there’s the new enthusiasm for tiled countertops.

A thousand renters currently stuck in never-been-updated apartments may shake their heads but that distinctive square tile countertop (whether with white or intentionally dark grout) might be gaining converts who see this space spotted on Milucca with fresh eyes.

The bold blue cabinets used as an accent in this kitchen by Veneer Designs counter the (also pleasantly vintage-feeling) white cabinets.

This white stainless steel refrigerator seen at Style at Home offers a decidedly up-to-date take on those ’80s white appliances we all remember. (No chunky black ice dispenser in sight!)

Glossy cabinets in bold hues were the hallmark of the high-design urban kitchen of the ’80s. In its current-day incarnation in a SoHo loft by BarlisWedlick, these cabinets add welcome color to a minimalist space.

Remember the craze for French blue cabinets in the ’80s? Here’s the 2017 take on the look, by designer Shannon Eddings.

The combo of white and wood brings us back, but J. Fisher Interiors takes us to the present with on-trend marble and herringbone tiles.

While the trend’s a bit nascent at the moment, I have to admit that I’m kind of excited to see the change. But this might be because of my work habits: All day, I listen to the kind of ’80s music that used to play in grocery stores before they started curating playlists for those with more discriminating musical tastes. (Right now, I’m listening to Steve Perry’s magnificent “Oh Sherrie” while I write.) So as they say in the psychological realm, I’m primed to see glimpses of the ’80s wherever I go. It’s also a nostalgia factor. In times of stress, it’s pretty nice to be reminded of the kitchens I remember seeing back in that totally rad decade growing up. What do you think?


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