IKEA’s Innovation Hub Is Hosting a Future Festival

IKEA is imagining what the future might look like. The Swedish brand’s external innovation hub, SPACE10, is hosting a three-day festival to explore how we can create a more positive future.

The first ever Made in Space will be held June 15 through 17 at SPACE10’s headquarters in Copenhagen and will feature three days of programming across the fields of design, art, architecture, anthropology, philosophy, and social entrepreneurship to brainstorm “alternative futures.” It promises “the magic of a festival, the depth of a conference, and the hands-on experience of a laboratory.”

“We believe that collaboration beats competition, so we’re gathering some of the brightest and most creative people from around the world to explore the themes and ideas that fascinate us,” says CEO Carla Cammilla Hjort. “We hope curious minds will join us for a uniquely engaging and illuminating few days in Copenhagen. If you’ve ever been wondering what the heck SPACE10 is— this is the perfect opportunity.”

The programming focuses around three themes:

  • Circular Societies: How do we shift from our “take, make, waste” economic model and transform it to a more circular one where all our things are produced locally, sustainable and more efficiently?
  • Coexistence: As cities will rapidly become more crowded and polluted, how do we create space for ways of living that are sustainable and affordable and that support our everyday sense of well-being?
  • Digital Empowerment: Soon almost every living person will be a digital native, so how can technology – including digital fabrication and artificial intelligence — empower us to create better lives?

IKEA launched SPACE10 in 2015 as a way to test product prototypes and discover new ways of boosting customers’ wellbeing. Their most recent project, Growroom, a spherical garden that takes up much less space than traditional farming and can be placed in a public space or a building’s courtyard, effectively eliminates the transportation from farm to consumer.

You can check out the full Made in Space festival schedule here.



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