Bookends to Fit Your Style and Organize Your Collection — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Most people aren’t blessed with a Beauty and the Beast-size personal library, but I’m willing to guess you have more than a few paperbacks lying around. Luckily the right bookends let you turn any surface into a perfect place to store your reads: keep a few on your desk, on a shelf, propped up on a side table…as long as you start with the right foundation, you’ll have a ton of room to customize to your aesthetic.

Here are some of the best bookends from the Marketplace, ranging from hand-carved wood art to carefully molded brass animals.

Carved Wood

It’s hard to top the natural warmth and texture that comes from designing with wood, especially since it’s such a classic pairing with old books. The real struggle comes from pinning down your personal style: are you more drawn to sharp geometric shapes, hand-carved animals, or mixed-media ceramic pieces?

Natural Elements

We’re taking it back to basics with this set. For the super-minimalists: Carrara marble is prized, and it looks strikingly beautiful when cut into matching pillars. A solid iron bear is guaranteed to keep everything sturdy, so much so that you probably won’t need a second furry friend. And if you want to add a little more of a feminine touch, try raw purple quartz; they’ll look just as good sitting solo on your desk as they will cradling your latest reads.

Bold Solid Brass

Brass has maintained popularity for a reason. Much like with wood, the warm undertones of brass create a welcoming (yet still beautiful and polished) look to your home. These three little models let you elevate this metal to whimsical levels: a darling duo of twin deer, powerful curved ram horns or classically nautical sundials. Why not go beyond book storage and get something that really captures your personality?


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