Before and After: An Itty-Bitty Bathroom Goes From Sad to Rad

A small bathroom is bad enough to live with. But when your small bathroom is windowless and boring? Well that’s just sad. Designer Mary Lee wasn’t going to stand for a tiny, depressing bathroom. So she worked her DIY remodel magic on this part of her Seattle studio apartment, and the result is inspiring!

I just loved Mary’s advice for decorating that she shared in her house tour:

“More isn’t always better when it comes to stuff and space. I believe everything in your environment needs to have a purpose and each detail needs to be cared for and cherished. If that isn’t possible, get rid of it (or don’t have it in the first place).”

She followed that philosophy perfectly in her kitchen, and it comes as no surprise that she followed suit with her home’s bathroom.

When it came to updating that space, she focused on some of the same elements that she updated in her kitchen: Tiles and cabinetry. In fact, she used the same materials in the bathroom as she did in the kitchen, creating cohesion in the small studio.

White subway tile with dark grout, new black fixtures, new countertop material and new lighting all goes a long way to refresh the space. Mary also didn’t shy away from adding in colorful and fun elements to give the area personality. The bold shower curtain, the round bamboo mirror and even some decorative towels and towel hooks all make this bathroom a delight to be in. And like her closet, she also added more function to the space, like opting for a medicine cabinet with open shelving.


  • Hipstory Nelson Mandela Shower Curtain by Amit Shimoni — Society 6
  • Green, B&W pattern towels — Target
  • Wooden engraved towel hooks — Urban Outfitters
  • Oval towel storage — World Market
  • Bamboo Mirror — Serena & Lilly
  • Flamingo Art — Etsy
  • Sunshine Art — Society 6
  • Marine Animal Prints — Ryan Berkley
  • Drip Original Artwork by John Medina — Alamo Basement
  • Pink and brown handmade rug — Etsy
  • Flamingo rug — Target

More Studio Apartment Inspiration:


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