For an Instant Room Upgrade: Under $50 Pendant Lighting — Cheap Thrills

There are a few design elements for your home that can totally overhaul the style of a room: a great antique rug, a bold paint color (like a lacquer!), a printed wallpaper, and, of course, lighting. An item that’s needed in every room, decorative lighting not only provides functionality (i.e. we all need to see when the sun goes down), but also flair as it can really define the style of a space.

A simple swap out of the mundane track lighting over your kitchen island or bland flush mounts in your hallway or foyer for some killer pendants can totally reinvigorate your interiors. Heck, I even think pendant lighting is great flanking a bed, hanging over a nightstand in place of a traditional table lamp or sconce. And because I always believe that great design never has to come with a grand price tag, I’ve hunted down 13 super stylish and modern pendant lights, all under $50.


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