Monday on Marketplace: Latest Listings Under $25 — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

You know what’s a surefire cure for the Monday blues? A great deal, and specifically one that’s just around the corner. Rather than tear you away from your work, we’ve rounded up some of the best under-$25 finds on the Marketplace.

Nothing is more aggravating than a tricky lighting situation in your home. That’s the beauty of tiered floor lamps like this one: you get to customize where to direct each of the vintage bulbs, guaranteeing that even the gloomiest corners get a boost of welcoming light. And as a bonus, the cheerful orange paint definitely adds another level of brightness to the room.

Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $25.

Plants are another household necessity that often require custom solutions, depending on the available space and natural light in your home. Although these are listed as vintage record holders, they’d just as easily make standout, one-of-a-kind plant stands that can be displayed either indoors or out. So even if you’re not exactly a green thumb (guilty), the bold ombre design on these beauties will distract from any less-than-thriving plant specimen.

Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $25.

Everybody needs to stay organized, but unfortunately not everybody is blessed with a closet. The humble garment rack can make a huge difference in your clothing storage, giving you space to hang and even store shoes below. Rather than break the bank with a fancier model, this $25 metal option has all of the essentials and no pricey frills. Congratulations, minimalists!

Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $25.

Your coffee table should be a place to set down drinks and display little curios, not a heap of unorganized magazines. This vintage magazine rack does double duty of being classically stylish and functional, keeping all of your reading material close at hand and separated.

Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $20.

Who can say no to a brand name deal? Despite having only been opened a month ago, this World Market brass lampshade comes with a cool $15 in savings. Getting a lampshade means you can upgrade your existing lighting, which also means not having to spend anymore than $25 to refresh your home with some modern flair. Win-win!

Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $25.


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