20 Easy Pitcher Drinks to You Should Make This Summer — Kitchn

Patio potlucks and parties are a rite of summer, and whether I’m hosting or I’m a guest there’s one I thing I always contribute to make it complete: a pitcher drink that can be sipped all afternoon and into the evening. The best versions are refreshing, easy to stir together ahead of time, and serve a crowd. From fruity summer sangria to a layered cocktail that’s sure to impress, plus a few fresh non-boozy options, here are 20 pitcher drinks to sip all summer long.

Fruity Summer Sangrias

When I think of pitcher drinks, fruit-filled sangria is always at the top of the list. Apples and oranges are classic, but these summery sangrias lean on the fresh fruits of the moment, like berries, melon, peaches, and plums. They’re all summer, all the way.

Refreshing Pitcher Cocktails

Inspired by some of your favorite cocktails, these cool pitcher drinks are what you want on hand to sip all afternoon and into the evening. They go bigger to serve a crowd, and can easily be made in advance.

Non-Boozy Pitcher Drinks

Don’t forget your guests who prefer to skip the booze. They’ll appreciate these bright and fresh pitcher drinks that are just as pretty as they are refreshing. Each one can be made in advance and goes down super easy on hot summer days.

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