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One of the downfalls of an ambitious designer can be overthinking; your head is swimming with all of these concepts and forms and colors, and far too often function takes a backseat to frills. How many times have you seen some cutting-edge modern design unveiling and thought, "is….is that a chair? Where do your legs go? And why so many edges?!" But for every over-thinker there is a functionalist, and no one has mastered the art of simple and effective form more than Arne Jacobsen.

Born in 1902 in Copenhagen, young Arne showed signs of being a design purist from the get-go: it’s not often that a child willingly

paints over colorful wallpaper

with white to protest their parents’ "busy" design style. After considering careers in painting and masonry, he dedicated himself to the study of architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, which also educated fellow design phenoms Verner Panton and Georg Jensen.

Despite not graduating from the academy for another two years, in 1925 Jacobsen won a silver medal for chair design at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. This was only the beginning of an influential career that covered all areas of design: projects like the Royal Hotel Copenhagen and St. Catherine’s College involved custom pieces ranging from furniture and textiles to cutlery and lighting.

Influences like Charles and Ray Eames largely contributed to Jacobsen’s passion for clean and efficient modernist design that worked with modern spaces. Iconic pieces like the Egg and Swan Chairs can still be spotted in trendy homes today, most likely because they manage to seamlessly blend function with comfort and style. You won’t find any sharp edges here: all of Jacobsen’s pieces feature smooth, flowing lines and organic-looking forms.

As is the case with other well-known pieces, you should always do a little background check to make sure you’re investing in something authentic. Key elements like distinct stitching, production dates and

brand labels

are all important to look out for, since no one wants to drop a couple thousand dollars on a (probably convincing) knockoff.

So now that you’ve been properly introduced to the man behind the designs and your detective skills have been solidified, be sure to check out some of the

best Arne Jacobsen pieces

currently listed on the Marketplace. If you’ve been looking for something crisp and functional (with a nice dose of vintage charm), chances are there’s a listing that fits the bill.


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