The Best Things You Can Do To Your Bedroom for Less Than $100

If you’re feeling like your bedroom is a white box where you store your bed, these low-cost, high-style DIYs are here to rescue your room from design deprivation. From a bold accent wall, to wallpapered closet doors, here are nine of the best things you can do to your bedroom for just a Benjamin.

Paint an Accent Wall: If your bedroom is small enough to repaint it with just one gallon of paint (bask in one of the few perks of an ultra-tiny room), then adding color to the walls is the cheapest and most transformative change you can make. If you have a larger space, follow The Desi Wonder Woman‘s lead and color-drench a single accent wall. Paired with plants and a graphic rug, the rich green wall looks both organic and bold.

→ Stumped on what color to pick? Browse the bedrooms in our Color Search tool for inspiration.

Give Your Headboard the Tufted Treatment: For just $44, Homemade by Carmona turned an old wooden headboard into this tufted masterpiece. If you already have a wooden headboard to use as a base, all you’ll need is fabric, a button cover kit, a mattress topper, and basic sewing supplies. This one polished piece will make your whole room look straight out of a catalog.

Prettify Some Plain Roller Blinds: This project from Design Sponge delivers a lot of bang for your buck; patterned fabric adds a decorative touch, while practical roller blinds block light and offer privacy. Because the blind itself will be covered with fabric, even a cheap blackout roller blind will look stylish—and will lower the total project cost.

Wallpaper Your Closet Doors: Get inspired by NYC designer Austyn Zung’s magnificent closet featured on Domino, then search for a wallpaper pattern that speaks to your style. Good news for those with cramped closets (finally!): The smaller the closet doors, the less expensive this project will be. Those with just one or two doors can probably accomplish this look with a single roll of paper.

51 Animal-Motif Wallpapers for the Daring Decorator

Repaint an Old Dresser: Refreshing the old furniture you already own is much more affordable than buying new. When updating the wooden dresser above, Naifandtastic didn’t stop at a coat of soothing gray, but used painter’s tape and small samples of paint to create a one-of-a-kind design.

The Best Finds for Your Bedroom for Under 100 Bucks

Install a Wall Sconce (or Two): There’s something about sconces that make a bedroom feel instantly more put-together. Maybe it’s the fact that we see them often in fancy hotel rooms, or that many are hard-wired, meaning you actually have to punch a hole in the wall and know something about electricity in order to set them up. Follow IHeartOrganizing’s how-to, and install this gorgeous brass option from Onefortythree ($85). If the DIY version sounds intimidating, don’t worry, there are plenty of plug-in sconces that won’t require an electrician (6 of these options can be yours for less than $100).

How to Make a Swing-Arm Wall Sconce

Construct a Floating Shelf: A little extra shelf storage would be welcome anywhere, but placing it above the bed lets your handiwork serve as a focal point in the room. Build your own in any length you like, then follow our instructions to mount it to the wall. Careful: You’re definitely going to need a stud finder if you want to sleep easy under this shelf.

How to Install a Long Floating Shelf

DIY Your Own Mirror: We all know that mirrors can help make a space look bigger, and when you decorate it yourself, it also reflects your personal style. A Beautiful Mess gave the angled mirror above a gem effect with contact paper and spray paint. The technique is truly innovative—visit the how-to to see how it’s done.

Another Stylish Option: DIY Leaning Framed Floor Mirror

Sew a DIY Canopy: Most homemade canopies get expensive because they call for four curtain rods that surround the entire bed. This open version only requires two, and feels a little more sophisticated than the mosquito-net variety. Find out how the one above was made on Design Sponge.

Re-edited from a post originally published 10.25.16.


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