Casual Cool Style: A Must-See Tiny Home Full of Inspiration — Dwell

I’ve written before about how my dream home is a tiny little house with a tiny little pool. Last time I was ready to move into this pool house in Massachusetts, but now I’ve found another outbuilding to lust after—this 475-square-foot poolside casita, which has everything you need to live in comfort and modern style. And it’s located in Austin, Texas, where you can maximize your investment by swimming nine months out of the year.

Outside, the concrete-and-glass structure projects minimalist cool. Inside, you’ll find a very comfortable setup. Most of the living space is occupied by a roomy living room, whose soaring ceilings and patterned concrete tile give it an airy, almost Mediterranean feel. The kitchen’s a bit on the small side, but why in the world would you want to cook indoors when you could be grilling outside?

Above the kitchen and bathroom is a sleeping loft, tall enough to permit, if not standing, at least sitting, so that you don’t have to wake up every morning concerned that you’re going to whack your head on the ceiling. A picture window keeps the space from feeling claustrophobic, and the wall niches are a lovely, minimal alternative to a nightstand. The ladder situation is, admittedly, a bit precarious for the less agile, but thanks to the handrail and slight slope it’s less terrifying than other loft access ladders I’ve seen.

This little house tucks neatly into the backyard of another, larger, suburban house, in a dense neighborhood not far from downtown Austin. The pool, surrounded by a series of terraces that follow the contours of the sloped site, connects the two structures. But while this is an outbuilding, I definitely wouldn’t mind making one very much like it my main home. If you’re thinking of building small, there’s plenty of inspiration for you here, too.

You can see more photos and read more about the project at Dwell.


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