Enjoying: Summer Marathon; Start Slow (Don’t Blow the Bucket List in One Day)

Summer is a bit like marathoning in that, if you know what you’re doing, you don’t sprint in the beginning. You jog–freely, lightly–saving the real efforts and mind games for when you’re fourteen miles in, your big toe is bleeding, your left knee is blown and you quite possibly crapped your pants without knowing it. I mean, I’ve never run a marathon, but I think this is how it goes which is exactly why I don’t plan on running a marathon. Where were we though? Yes, summer. So maybe I sprinted those first couple of days. Maybe it wasn’t necessary to have a kid spa day/movie day/pool party/art party/double sleepover all in two days. The thing is, I knew this. But I did it anyway because I get excited, and also I am ten. Let’s just say yesterday–officially Day 5 of Summer–I was struggling a bit. Like I called my sister with, “I think I made some irrevocable parenting mistakes today and yelled like I’ve never yelled before and it’s likely this day will one day be talked about in a therapy office years from now.” My favorite thing about calling my sister and admitting these things is that she got a head start in parenting and always tops my stories with her own, and her girls are all turned out lovely and don’t hate her.

“Kelle, don’t you remember that one time with Savannah?” she reminds me today, “When I put her in her room after losing it, and I heard her mumbling and crying? I went in to ask her what she was doing and she cried, “I’m PRAYING! That God will help you be a better MOM!”

We slowed the pace a bit and are resting and unwinding today. Light jog, folks. Light jog.

When we’re not simultaneously juggling pool floats, shucking corn and hosting a lemonade stand in the middle of our yard sprinkler, we are enjoying…

Downtime…see look! Downtime! Quiet rest and not bucketlisting the shit out of summer! 

 photo print 100_zpsoku4gudl.jpg

 photo print 89_zpsnmynq54m.jpg

Living room forts and movies with school friends…

 photo print 100_zps81qfgrnl.jpg

Dancing…”Alexa, play Let Me Love You”…

 photo print 21_zpsol2jj5ue.jpg


Dogs that are super old and still kickin’. Ever seen Croods? The grandma who answers “Still Alive!” every time her name is called? Totally our dogs. 

 photo print 30_zpsgjmncdor.jpg


Sitting in the lanai during rainstorms…

 photo print 35_zpsmry2rfxt.jpg


Looking at our travel books to get excited about summer adventures…

 photo print 31_zpscdijwwme.jpg


 photo print 62_zpslfqd3afe.jpg

Summer naps (rare and cherished)…

 photo print 115_zpsimhtsfcp.jpg

Our kids’ alter egos…respectively Superman:

 photo print 103_zpsx4gagfdz.jpg

…and Mary Lou Retton:

 photo print 102_zpsto1fetur.jpg

When Dash gets in trouble and you’re talking to him and he puts his hands in front of his face so he doesn’t have to look at you (does it all the time now and it’s so hard not to laugh)…

 photo print 71_zpsurvbkzew.jpg

He balances it all with so much sweetness, so we’re good…

 photo print 69_zpsm9cepswq.jpg

Matchy matchy summer style…

 photo print 160_zpsk17nn76w.jpg

Public House lunches…

 photo print 65_zpswfhxmh6r.jpg

 photo print 56_zpslmwid44a.jpg

Using the summer to hit up some of Naples touristy spots like Tin City…

 photo print 140_zpsiy3uy2vv.jpg

 photo print 139_zpscysmxtvb.jpg

 photo print 141_zpsguaedszv.jpg

 photo print 137_zpsalheux39.jpg

Happy Weekending!

 photo print 150_zpsvyzco1xi.jpg

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