The Smartest Way to Buy Succulents as Party Favors — Kitchn

The party problem: You’re throwing a shower (bridal or baby!) and you want to give out favors, but you’re already spending a ton of money on decorations and everything else.

The party trick: Give out favors that can double as decorations!

To make a wild generalization: Everyone loves a succulent, which makes them perfect party favors. (Because, you know, if you’re going to spend the money, you want to be sure it’s on something people will actually take home and not leave behind!) Plus, succulents double as super-cute decorations.

For a recent bridal shower we threw, we ripped off pieces of washi tape and wrote a guest’s name on each one, then we added the tape to the pot.

Also, did you know that Amazon sells succulents? They do! And we were able to get 32 for less than $65. We just replanted them in cute pots from the hardware store (we painted some of the pots) and they were ready for the party. Note: Order more than you’ll need, as some are destined to break during shipping. Of course, you can buy them in person or even do this washi tape trick with little bud vases or any other type of plant.

At random, we placed the succulents all around the buffet table (and throughout the rest of the room) as decorations. They really helped to add color to the tables and they got people moving around the room to find their plants. At the end of the day, people grabbed their succulents and went on their way, which also meant we had less to clean up!

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