21 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Adventure Dads, Dapper Dads, and Maker Dads

Remember how it was June 1st like yesterday? Well, somehow it skipped a lot of days and now it’s June 12th. Which means Father’s Day is coming quickly (this Sunday!), so no more putting off the shopping. It’s time to pick something awesome out for the awesome dads in your life. And since dads can be notoriously tricky to shop for, I’ve gathered up a whole bunch of really cool gifts to help you our with ideas. 

I’ve split them into 3 categories: Adventure Dad, Dapper Dad, and Maker Dad. Let’s start with the Adventure Dad picks you can see above:

1) Multi-purpose pocket knife that looks like animals (I want this one for myself.)
2) Go go gadget phone case!
3) Backpacking Chopsticks.
4) Double Hammock, perfect for two.
5) Paracord Bracelet with compass, whistle, knife, and cord. Talk about preparedness.
6) The DRONE. Has it been on his list? My brother gifted us one of these a couple Christmases ago.
7) Tentsile Tree Tent, the coolest way to experience camping. We gave one of these as a housewarming gift last year.

Next up is the Dapper Dad. Here are gift ideas for the man who appreciates the art of grooming (or wishes he did).

1) Stainless Steel Wallet Comb.
2) Emergency Grooming Kit.
3) Rugged & Dapper Skin Fuel Moisturizer and After Shave. See the full product line here.
4) Coconut Oil Whitening Toothpaste & Mouthwash.
5) Beard Grooming Kit.
6) Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Bow Tie.
7) Scotch Infused Toothpicks.

Lastly, we have gift ideas for the Maker Dad — the kind of man who embraces his inner chef.

1) Monogram BBQ Box Set.
2) Cheese BBQ Utensil.
3) Kabob Grilling Baskets.
4) Branch Skewers.
5) Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses.
6) BBQ Sauce Kits.
7) Cast Iron Set.

Okay. That’s 21 ideas to get you started. Which list would appeal to your dad, or your kids’ dad, most? Anything cool you’ve seen lately that would make a great Father’s Day gift?

P.S. — DIY skewers make a great Dad gift too.

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