Natural Selection: 10 Jute & Seagrass Area Rugs Under $300 — Annual Guide 2017

Nothing ties a room together like a great rug, and nothing adds texture and warmth to a space like natural fibers. So if you’re looking to do both, you can’t go wrong with a jute or seagrass rug. These rugs can be quite expensive, but for this roundup we’ve put together a few budget-friendly choices—8’x10′ rugs (or a very close equivalent) for less than $300.

Many of these rugs are available in sizes other than 8’x10′ — we just chose that size to more easily compare prices, and to ensure that you can buy a room-sized rug for under $300. So if you don’t see the size you’re looking for, click through for others.

A thick, chunky jute that’s sure to feel incredible underfoot—and add beautiful texture to any space. Plus the price is hard to beat.

A classic seagrass rug with a woven border—a little less texture than a jute rug but still a beautiful, natural look.

This rug has the beautiful texture of jute, but the bleached color and subtle pattern make it suitable for a huge range of interiors, even very traditional ones.

With fringe, perfect for a bohemian space, or any room that could use a whole lot of texture.

A contrasting border makes this jute rug stand out. It’s also available in quite a few colors. (Colored jute — who knew?)

A classic jute rug, with beautiful color and lots of texture.

The bold chevron pattern makes this rug a standout — perfect for when you want a little pattern and a little texture.

This chunky rug has a unique weave that gives it a subtle pattern and a standout texture.

The unique braiding of the fibers makes this one special.

The gray color is both beautiful and unexpected, and tiny metallic threads woven in give this one a bit of subtle shine.


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