A Few Things

Hello, Friends! How are you? How was your week? We had a BIG one at our house. Things that happened since my last Friday post:

1) Maude graduated from high school.

2) Everyone had their last day of school, and started summer activities on Monday (like swimming lessons).

3) Oscar got to perform on stage with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd at the Oracle Arena (the same place the Warriors play — also, the Warriors won the championship!). You can see video below if you’re curious.

4) Maude was sprayed by a skunk, while she was in our driveway.

5) I went to Utah for a funeral. Just a 24-hour trip.

6) We’ve been doing some major projects in the house to get ready for a photo shoot next week. What’s the shoot? A team from Magnolia Journal (the lovely publication of Chip & Joanna Gaines) is coming to take photos of our house for a feature in the magazine.

7) The kids had a music recital — piano, voice and guitar. They were awesome.

8) We took the whole family to see Wonder Woman (it was my 3rd time!).

9) Oh. And I had my birthday. (Do you remember who I share it with?) There was so much going on, we couldn’t really celebrate that day, so we’re thinking we’ll postpone till next weekend instead.

10) On our mind this weekend? Father’s Day!

I think I need to do a Facebook Live broadcast to catch you up on the all the details. Till then, here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share:

Are Christians making Atheists?

– Related to our sex-advice discussion from last week, Teen Vogue just published a how-to-masturbate-if-you-have-a-vagina guide.

– From a Swedish immigrant — America made me a feminist. (NYT)

– A vaccine that could permanently reverse type 1 diabetes.

– The crime: partying while black and successful.

What stay-at-home-moms do all day. (An attempt to put a monetary value on that work.)

The vandalized little mermaid.

– How to avoid driving on America’s thousands of neglected bridges.

– Have you watched Master of None on Netflix. I love it, and I especially loved the Thanksgiving episode from the most recent season. Here’s an interview about that episode.

– Research from a year ago says people who think society is too politically correct, tend not to have experienced discrimination.


It’s going to be a warm weekend. I think it’s time for a car wash.

I hope you have an epic weekend. I’ll be thinking of all the good fathers in my life and missing my own dad like crazy. Happy Father’s Day! I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — Here is Oscar on stage. He was one of 12 kids in front of 12,000 audience members. He’s dancing just to the right of Roger Waters. Fast-forward because he has some good features on the big screen at around 3:26, 4:35, and 4:40. We weren’t at the performance — in fact, I didn’t even understand what it was until he got home — so I’m super grateful for this footage from another parent.

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