Home Offices So Beautiful, Work Will Never Feel Like a Chore

It’s not just how you work, but also where you work that’s important. Here at Apartment Therapy, we understand the influence that your physical environment can have on your state of mind, and that’s particularly true for the place where you work—whether that work is writing, or catching up on business, or just composing a few emails. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some incredibly inspiring workspaces, so that no matter your style—whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist or somewhere in between—you’ll find a space that will inspire you to make your workspace the best possible space for you to do your very best.

White is a very big thing for interiors right now, but if you find yourself inspired by darker spaces, then this moody workspace from Lonny might be just right for you.

Some people prefer their workspaces to be neat and tidy, while others are energized by a little clutter and excitement. If you’re one of the latter, what better place to work than surrounded by reminders of all the thing that inspire you? This workspace, where the wall becomes a giant inspiration board, is from Inside Out.

Other people are inspired by working in the company of books (and plants!). If you’re one of those, this space from Architectural Digest just might be your ideal hideaway.

I could see myself spending many productive hours in this bright and colorful home office from The Style Files.

A workspace doesn’t need to be big to be inspiring. This little corner, tucked under the rafters in a home from AD España, still provides plenty of scope for the imagination.

These days marble is most common in the kitchen, but this marble desktop, spotted on Life + Times, adds a touch of luxury to the workspace.

This library slash workspace from C Home is highly organized and quite cozy all at once.

Plants in the office have been shown to boost productivity, so whoever works in this verdant space from Elle Decoration must be particularly productive.

The bookshelves and gently crumbling books in this workspace from AD España are very Crumbly European Chic. I imagine that all those books must smell lovely.

For those who love being surrounded by things that inspire them, there’s plenty of inspiration in this workspace from AD Russia, which features not just photos but little objets d’art, including some very large scissors.

(Image credit: Nicola Broughton)

The deliciously dark, moody office space in this UK home seems like the perfect place to start that novel you’ve always been saying you were going to write—or maybe just spend a few hours catching up on email.

Ready to set up your office but need a little shopping help?



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