Using Marble in Your Kitchen: From a Little to a Lot

There’s no denying that marble is an incredibly beautiful choice for your kitchen. There’s also no denying that it’s incredibly expensive. If you crave the look, but are unsure about blowing your budget — or if you love the look and want to go all out — check out this progression of ways to use marble in your kitchen, from a little bit to a whole lot.

In this kitchen from Milk Magazine, just the backsplash is made from black marble, in what appear to be long rectangular tiles. It’s an economical but still very effective way to add a little drama to your kitchen.

This kitchen, from Domino, brings in just a touch of marble with a small shelf underneath the cabinets. Here the upper cabinets are left open, but this detail is also a great way to bring just a little bit of open shelving to a kitchen with mostly closed cabinets.

From Karlavagen 76, here’s a way to get the look of marble in your kitchen, without all the maintenance — use it as a backsplash. The cost for the materials will similar, but this way you won’t have to worry about lemon juice or red wine sitting on your countertop.

From Homes to Love, here’s another kitchen with a marble backsplash, paired with what looks like a white engineered stone countertop.

Marble countertops are pricey, certainly, but just a marble countertop (like in this project from H2 Design + Build) is about to look modest compared to what’s going to come next.

When just a marble countertop isn’t enough, how about a marble sink? The black marble sink in this kitchen from Domino really steals the show.

In this kitchen from T Magazine, the marble countertop wraps up the wall and terminates in a small shelf that’s both a beautiful design element and a handy place to store items you use often in a kitchen with no upper cabinets.

This is Gwyneth Paltrow’s NYC penthouse, spotted on House & Home. The beautifully detailed kitchen features a marble countertop, which runs into a marble sink, with a marble backsplash that provides the backdrop for a built-in drying rack that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

This kitchen from Blakes London features both a marble countertop (with a built-in drain board) and a marble backsplash, which provides a beautiful contrast to the starkness of the white subway tile.

In this kitchen from Inside Out, the main countertop is a different material — but marble is still the star of the show, thanks to the waterfall-edge island.

If you choose not to have upper cabinets (and your budget will allow it), taking a marble backspash all the way to the ceiling is a bold move, as seen in this kitchen from Bo Bedre.

In this kitchen from Dwell, the homeowners chose to go all out with a white marble countertop and backsplash, and a waterfall-edge island clad in dramatic black marble — the best of all possible worlds.


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