5 Surprisingly Perfect Pieces For a Small Living Room

Your living room may be teeny-tiny, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit in all the style (and functionality) that other people do in much larger spaces. Here are five pieces that we love for small living rooms, ones that will make your space feel bigger, and live bigger, too.

A swing-arm lamp

Dramatic lighting may not be the first thing you think of for a small space, but a swing arm lamp like the one seen in the above image from Workshop APD is a surprisingly good choice: it makes a big statement, draws the eye upward, and doesn’t occupy any floor or table space at all.

A sectional sofa

I know it sounds nuts to be telling you to get a big sofa for your small living room, but actually, a sectional sofa can be a surprisingly good fit. As evidenced by the above room, designed by Robert McKinley, it hugs the contours of the space, and maximizes seating potential in a room where having a couch along with other chairs may not be an option.

An oversize ottoman

At first glance, having an oversize anything may not seem like the greatest choice for a small space. But having an oversize ottoman (or padded bench) as a coffee table is actually a great move, because you can place a tray on top a la this room from Homepolish when you want to put drinks on it, and actually use it as extra seating when friends come over. Plus, having the tray to corral things will discourage the buildup of clutter, which is almost inevitable on any horizontal surface in a small apartment.

A clear coffee table

If having an actual coffee table is your thing, consider an acrylic or all-glass version such as this one spotted on Design*Sponge, which will visually disappear in the space (unless, of course, you manage to load it up with the aforementioned clutter).

Large-scale art

Another oversize thing that may seem counterintuitive but is actually a great choice for a smaller space. Grouping together smaller pieces may look great, but it can also leave a small space feeling very cluttered. A single, oversized piece of art pulls the room together, and emphasizes the space you do have. (Look how clean and sharp this space from Stadshem, via Coco Lapine Design, looks, for example!)



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