CodeSOD: Plurals Dones Rights

Today, submitter Adam shows us how thoughtless language assumptions made by programmers are also hilarious language assumptions:

“So we’re querying a database for data matching *title* but then need to try again with plural/singular if we didn’t get anything. Removing the trailing S is bad, but what really caught my eye was how we make a word plural. Never mind any English rules or if the word is actually Greek, Chinese, or Klingon.”

if ((locs == NULL || locs->Length() == 0) && (title->EndsWith(@"s") || title->EndsWith(@"S")))
    locs = data->GetLocationsForWord(title);
else if ((locs == NULL || locs->Length() == 0) && title->Length() > 0)
    WCHAR c = title->CharAt(title->Length()-1);
    if (c >= 'A' && c <= 'Z')
    locs = data->GetLocationsForWord(title);

Untils nexts times: ευχαριστώs &s 再见s, Hochs!

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