Do You Share This Totally Ridiculous Cleaning Habit? — Kitchn

I’m writing this post on Sunday evening and I have a lot of work to do. Like, a lot. But instead of doing it, I spent the last three hours cleaning my house. And it wasn’t just any cleaning session — I set off on the deepest deep-clean my house has had in weeks.

This little routine has a name in my house: I call it procrasti-cleaning.

Definition of procrasti-cleaning


To put something (usually work or bill-paying) off intentionally and habitually by busying oneself with cleaning chores.

I can procrasti-clean like the best of them. Probably because I invented it. The idea is simple: When I have an overwhelming amount of work to do, I just don’t do it. Instead, I busy myself with cleaning.

“Oh, look, a dust bunny! I should probably vacuum and Swiffer all the floors right away,” I’ll say. I can’t do work if I’m cleaning. And it’s hard to get mad at myself because I’m actually being productive. I’m just not making progress on the thing I’m supposed to be doing. But those floors? Well, they’re never cleaner than when I’m working on a deadline.

I know what you’re thinking: This is probably coming from a girl who likes to clean. I do like to clean. (I better! I edit the Organizing & Cleaning section of this website!) But I hate cleaning floors, toilets, refrigerators, and other gross things. And yet, I’m willing to tackle those things when I’m procrasti-cleaning.

I’ll do whatever it takes if it means I don’t have do the task I’m avoiding — even the chores I hate the most. Which reminds me: Sorry, Faith and Geraldine, I did not do that budget stuff you asked me for because I was busy scrubbing the grease off my cabinet doors.

Chores to Procrasti-Clean With

Fun fact: You might be a procrasti-cleaner and not even know it. Am I right?


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