9 Things to Paint Pink Today (Go Ahead, You Know You Want To)

Pink is one of the most polarizing colors. Depending on your perspective, it’s either beautiful, flattering, cheerful—or juvenile, unsophisticated and dated. If you fall into the first camp, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this list of nine different ways to add a little rosy color to your home. And if you fall into the second camp, well, take a look, and maybe you’ll be convinced.

The cheerful pink front door is the perfect introduction to this California home.

You may not think of them this way, but your stairs are really just a giant blank canvas, begging for a little color. Why not take a cue from the folks at Atelier Knelm and paint them pink?

Take your kitchen to the next level with a pink backsplash, as seen in this Swedish apartment from Fantastic Frank.

For an unexpected pop of pink that will lift your mood every time you see it, try painting the inside of a cabinet, as seen on A Beautiful Mess.

A pink accent wall, as seen in this living room from Elle Decoration Sweden, will give the entire room a soft glow.

Another option for adding a little bit of pink? The ceiling! This kitchen from Hus & Hem gets a double dose of cheer from a pink ceiling and floor.

Did you know you can paint a clawfoot tub? Well, you can, and if you want a color that will completely transform your bathroom, try pink (as in this modern bath from House and Home).

If you’re not lucky enough to have a clawfoot tub, there are other ways to bring pink into your bathroom—like painting your vanity, as in this image from Wit & Delight.

A pink bookcase (especially in a high gloss, as seen in this home from House Beautiful) will give whatever you choose to place on it an extra touch of class.

Still not a fan of pink? Check out these 7 Things to Paint Black Today.



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