Guess What? Bed Bath & Beyond Also Sells Some Stylish Furniture — Shop Like a Decorator

When you’re on the hunt for a new blender, or draw organizers, or that bacon bowl maker you saw on TV, you grab your expired 20% off coupons, and you head on over to Bed Bath & Beyond. The big box store is a sure bed for sheets, towels, and humidifiers, but it’s not necessarily the first place you think of if you’re on the hunt for a new coffee or sofa. Well, this post is about to change your mind about all of that, because guess what? The triple B actually sells some pretty awesome furniture, you just have to go online to find it.

Many of their furniture offerings are also offered with free truck delivery, which will save you some big bucks (make sure to check the individual item’s detail page to see if it’s eligible). Sadly, however, those super handy, never-really-expired coupons do not work online, but overall, prices seem fair and on par with other comparable sites.

Scroll on to discover 15 of our favorite furniture finds from the retailer (though by all means, don’t forget to check out everything else available on their site).


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