The Eclectic & Inviting Kitchen That Keeps Us Coming Back For More — Why It Works

The design of a kitchen can sometimes feel a bit monotonous, and while we love a white kitchen (with white cabinetry and white tiles), we admit that it can feel sterile and totally “safe”. But, every now and then we come across a space that truly captivates and keeps your eye entertained and hungry for more. Enter the Buenos Aires kitchen of Argentinian journalist Carina Michelli. Warm and inviting, this space hits all the right notes and keeps us coming back to discover just a little bit more. Let’s take a closer look…

Everything in its place

Open shelving can be great for two reasons: One, it makes for easy access when you’re looking for pieces. Two, and most importantly, it forces you to stay organized and keep clean. You can easily see when your coffee cup collection is getting too out of hand because you don’t have doors to cover them up and forget.

Embrace & show off keepsakes

The openness of the floor plan and shelving proved to be a great opportunity for Carina to show off her beautiful array of baskets, teapots and pottery. These touches add even more character development to the scene being set in this warm kitchen.

Time-worn wood always adds character

We’re sure you’ve heard it a million times before: the kitchen is the heart of the home, where everyone naturally finds themselves congregating, and we could see why, in Carina’s home, her kitchen would be prepared to handle that task. Her favorite element in her home, the rustic island—from Los Diaz de Mario—acts not only as an extra prep surface, but as a casual dining perch (with four stools). The wide black-and-white stripe on the chairs keeps things in that modern-meets-timeless happy place.

Keep them guessing

From the stainless steel, industrial hood and modern Shaker-style cabinets to the rustic-island-slash-dining-table and flea market found light fixtures and hutch, this space is an amalgamation of styles that gives way to endless discoveries. A space that surprises with layers of personality and marches to the beat of its own drum is one that often leaves guests saying: “I just can’t put my finger on it, but I love everything about that space.” Little do they know you can put your finger on it!


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