A Delightfully Moody Swedish Apartment That Rejects Minimalist Scandi-Style

And now for something completely different: a Scandinavian apartment where the recent trend towards dark, moody interiors takes a distinctly maximalist — and dare I say it, even Victorian? — turn.

If you find yourself bored of minimalism, or you were never much of a minimalist to begin with, you may find this a welcome change. The building blocks here are still very clean-lined, the things we’ve become used to seeing in a certain kind of Scandinavian interior — the industrial-style lamp, the modern leather sofa, the oversize round mirror. But here, against a backdrop of gray walls and floral wallpaper, they mingle with dark accessories and almost-dead plants to create an entirely new look, one that’s modern at heart but also maximalist and moody.

I would venture to say that none of us have really experienced a Victorian interior, at least not in Victorian times, but a lot of what’s going on here recalls to me the descriptions, and photos, I’ve seen of Victorian homes — the dark, dramatic tones, the small, intricate patterns, the preponderance of detail. There’s so much to look at that just being in the room becomes an activity all unto itself.

Even outside the living room, a look of careful collectedness persists, with a gallery wall in the unit’s entry, antique chairs surrounding the dining table, and a collection of vases atop the cabinets.

In the bedroom, a dark curtain (just typing that feels a bit Victorian) slides open to reveal a wall of storage, and a petite walk-in closet, here styled as a tiny dressing room, where the floral theme continues with a wallpaper patterned with sinuous greenery.

The whole apartment is a real feast for the senses, worth checking out, even if it’s not your style, to imagine for a moment that you have a friend, or maybe a young, hip aunt, who decorates stylishly and a little bit tragically. Because that is, after all, what you come here for, yes? To be inspired, but also to escape a little. Even if you would never dream of decorating your own place this way, this apartment is definitely a place to get away — a little retreat from the norm, if only for a moment. See the whole thing at Alvhem.

via Lovely Life



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