Before and After: A Brooklyn Brownstone’s Living Room Opens Up

Nicole and Dan’s house tour of their Park Slope brownstone had me green with envy. A large space, it was lovingly renovated and beautifully decorated. The way in which they designed the home — to maximize light, to embrace color and pattern — is impressive enough. But wait until you see what the living room and entryway looked like before they renovated. These before photos are proof that Nicole, Dan, their architects and the contractors were able to remodel a dated space, add modern personality and respect the home’s beautiful architecture.

Originally built in 1910, the whole home just needed a lot of love. Many cosmetic changes happened thanks to paint, tile, stunning fixtures and fabulous furniture. But smart structural changes took place, too. Perhaps the most immediately obvious is opening up the living room and entryway. Partially removing a wall (and creating a generous opening), allowed the staircase to be visible from the living room, and the lovely living room is visible when you first walk inside.

(Image credit: Submitted by Nicole and Dan Lucey)

Nicole and Dan’s favorite element of the home to this day is actually the staircase refurbishment. The renovation not only restored its beauty, but added to it. The couple’s proudest DIY was designing the built-in bar inside the living room soffit area — complete with matching bookcases and dark, interior wallpaper.

With some inspiration from Wes Anderson films and Art Deco design, Nicole and Dan were able to add a modern feel to the space — as well as add their own personality — with contemporary furnishings and art. It’s a delicate balance partnering modern designs with such historic architecture, but the couple did it successfully.

Enlarging the living room’s window was another smart design choice; it floods the space with natural light, highlighting the architectural features (like that fireplace) and making the living room feel open and airy.

(Image credit: Submitted by Nicole and Dan Lucey)

Nicole and Dan worked with Versatile Renovations NYC and architects Wendy Cronk and Erin Cowhey Design to make it a long-term home for them and their two children.

You can see all of this and more on their complete house tour.

Thank you, Nicole and Dan!


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