The Best Kitchen Trash Cans, At Every Price Point

For as much as we use our trashcans at home every day, most look, well, pretty plain. Although the point of a good wastebasket is to make throwing stuff away a breeze, that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice style for functionality.

To prove my point, I searched the web high and low and gathered some of the sleekest, most simple-to-use trash cans in every price range. On top of concealing unsightly garbage and masking odors, these well-designed receptacles are also unbelievably easy on the eyes. From a retro mint-green can to a motion-sensor bin, read ahead for nine wastebaskets that you definitely won’t want to hide under the kitchen sink.

Under $30

Trim and tidy, this 8-gallon can comes with a removable, flip-style lid for effortless tossing and even easier cleaning. Slightly smaller than the standard 13-gallon waste bin, this compact cutie can fit just about anywhere inside your kitchen and comes in three different colors (including matte red!).

at Bed, Bath & Beyond, $29.99

The look of metal but much easier to clean, this plastic bin is lightweight, has a soft-close mechanism and a wide step-pedal opening for hands-free use.

This super petite, vintage-inspired trash can works wonders in a cramped kitchen or a studio apartment. Not only does this charming can come with a fitted lid and side handles for functionality, it’s made of a mint-green galvanized metal that prevents rust and looks insanely chic.

$30 to $100

If you’re looking for an innovative, stainless steel receptacle that won’t set you back more than 50 bucks, we’ve got you covered. Along with a sleek, uni-body shape (that doesn’t require an inner bucket), the Simplehuman Round Step trash can boasts a dent-proof plastic lid that won’t show dirt or fingerprints.

Not only does this electronic model feature a motion-sensor lid for hands-free use, it’s designed with air vents and an activated carbon odor filter to eliminate any trace of odor naturally. Even cooler, it comes with a quick open lid for fast (but quiet) openings.

Lightweight and slightly smaller than the average trashcan, I’m a fan of the Threshold 30L Metal Step Trashcan because of its smooth silhouette and glossy finish. Not to mention its hands-free operation that’s also entirely odor-proof.


Stylish and space-savvy, this ten-and-a-half-gallon receptacle features a flat back so it can fit closely against your kitchen wall. A soft touch lid makes opening and closing a breeze, while rust-resistant stainless steel creates a polished finish.

While the smaller version of this trashcan has long been a favorite of design-lovers, I’m currently obsessed with its cooler big sister. Along with a chic shape and two beautiful color ways—a rose gold waste bin, anyone?—the rectangular beauty boasts two distinct compartments for effortless recycling and a hidden pocket inside the can that holds and dispenses liners with ease.

Vipp Trash Can at Design Within Reach (Large), $249-349

A cult favorite among design enthusiasts, the Vipp Trash Can is truly as functional as it is sophisticated. In addition to its sleek silhouette and practical pedestal, this iconic trashcan—the original design is part of the permanent collection at the MoMA—includes a removable inner bin that makes switching out bags a cinch.


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